Thoughts beyond 2AM

Thoughts beyond 2AM

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"My heart was broken like a torn tape. The age of 18, we fell in love easily… And worry too much about little things. The age of 18. The adults casually say… At our age, we laugh at the simple things. But at that time, we were serious. It was intense and harder than other adults. In 1997, when we were 18, things were like this."

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A secret refers to something I don’t know about others. As I find out what I’ve believed isn’t the truth, secrets become more secretive. Things I believe to be true aren’t always true. The human mind is infinite. Neither its depth nor its end can be known. Some days, they fight to the death. Other days, they share their love for each other. A normally hot blooded, curious young male becomes a coward in front of girls. Yes, the truth is inconvenient. But if we don’t accept that, we have to live with lies. We have to accept inconvenient truths. What we see is not all we know.

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Possession is the beginning of losing it

  •    Girl: Do you know? I spent a lifetime learning one thing. Possession is the beginning of losing it. But in the end I still couldn't learn. I can't accept. Having youth is actually the beginning of losing youth. Having a marriage is actually the beginning of losing the marriage. Having reputation, actually, it can also be lost. Having wealth is also the same. Health is also the same. Even, raising a dog is the same. Possessing love... Oh God! Losing a loved one is even harder to accept. Why is it that everything I pursue in life, I actually start losing it, as soon as I gain possession of it! If I never have it... Then I won't have anything to lose, isn't it right?   
  •    Boy: Now, do you know... the reason why... I don't love you?   
  •    Girl: Because possession...   
  •    Boy: the beginning of losing it.   

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I’m too hung up on vacation getaways that I feel lazy to make gifs haha. The photos are just sitting at my laptop waiting to come alive.

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Thank god our parents haven’t invaded tumblr yet.

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Sometimes the way you envisioned your life will be totally different to what would happen in it.

Imagination is a far cry from reality.

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Waiting has never been my strong suit, and Netflix releasing the full season at once, was the best idea they had.

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