One Sided Love: Love is a Gamble.

Ever been in one? Not all of us are blessed with someone who loves us and someone we love in return. Most of the time we experience what most would call a one sided love. Either you were in love with that someone who is in love with someone who doesn’t love you or worse that he or she is already in love someone else.

So what are you really supposed to do if you ever find yourself in that position? Should you pursue it? Keep loving from a far?

No. Loving someone who wouldn’t love you in return is a waste of your time and affection. If they don’t give a fuck about you why should you? If they don’t appreciate you why should you push yourself in them and wait to be loved in return? That’s just stupid. If they have feelings for you, you wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

The thing is, this is tricky. Because sometimes, like one in a million, it works out just fine. That person realizes that they are actually in love with you and is so stupid for not being with you. But this usually ends in heart break. In listening to sad songs on repeat, feeling bitter of everyone who are blissfully in love, and just in moping in a corner, hoping that someday that person would turn their heads and see how great you are for them.

Well, it really is a gamble and you’re betting for something with a high probability of losing. Yes, winning might be one of the greatest feeling there is, but losing is so much more terrifying. Are you willing to bet everything?

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This morning, I had this ridiculous idea that started forming in my head, while tweeting: I’m probably a vampire. NO? well, I tried thinking about it and here’s what I got, I decided to make a list of reasons why I think I am a vampire. Ugh. What am I saying here? I’ll probably regret posting this later, because this feels like a stupid thing to do but anyways, where were we? right! The list, so I listed them here: 

(Disclaimer: Stop reading now, if you don’t want to know how crazy my mind works. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  1.  I rarely go out of the house. Almost always, I stay indoors, maybe watch some movie or read a book or have a series marathon or just lay all day sleeping or like what I do now a days review for the board exams.
  2. I am always awake at night, not just until the wee hours but ALL NIGHT then you’ll find me sleeping in the morning, refusing to get out of the comfort of my bed.
  3. I HATE the scorching heat of the sun. Makes my eyes hurt. Plus I get burned. sunburned! haha!
  4. Because I hate the heat, my plans are always scheduled at night! whether it was book hunting or grocery shopping! 
  5. And lastly, here’s the kicker, I LOVE blood. In fact, if I won’t be able to go into med school, that’ll be all I would ever think about. All day, all night it will be the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last I’ll think of before going to bed.

I am this close to being convince of this little mind game I’m playing with myself, trying to make myself believe that I am a vampire. There are lots of loop holes though, like who turned me? where are the bite marks, where are my fangs!? HAHAHAHAHA!  

Okay, I better stop this delusion, and get some sleep. This is probably some side effect of my body clock functioning in a different time zone.  Shizz, me and my fucked up body clock. Med tech boards, look what you did to me! Now I’m mumbling. Okay, this is the last I’m just gonna add that..nah. I’ll sleep it off.

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