The Dark Knight Rises

I have been waiting to watch this for months now and I must day that it lived up to MY expectations despite it being labeled as a letdown by some film critics. I didn’t really cared that “The Dark Knight” was deemed better than this. For me, I see them both differently, mainly because the reviews and critiques about The Dark Knight are laced with the fact the Heath Ledger is dead, not that his performance are less than awesome. It’s just there’s this hype, like how the price of a painter’s work shoots up the roof the moment he dies, yes, that is the harsh cold reality.

"The Dark Knight Rises" somehow reminds me of "Inception", although "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" was also filmed by Christopher Nolan, I think the way he created and interweave the the scenes together was a lot similar to inception. Like the scene where Alfred, Wayne’s butler was telling his vision of what could have been for Wayne if he hasn’t taken the persona of batman or has stopped being so, the scene and plotting of the stadium fallout too, it can be compared to the building of the dream, within the dream by an architect in Inception as well as the hard cuts that are used in scene transitions. Well, there were a lot of similarities, and they are not a bad thing for me. Mainly because, I LOVED inception, and I still do.

It was one of those movies, wherein you’ll feel like you are actually in the scene, you’ll feel like everything is actually happening around you, to you. It’ll make you so invested that in the end you’ll be forced to think about it, and your perception about the topic that the film was trying to convey. The usual openendedness of the films, that was one of the best things that I love about his films, which was a mind fuck and always, always a pleasant welcome to my greatly underworked brain. He always manages to capture that sense of familiarity you’ll feel for the characters, and here in The Dark Knight Rises you’ll feel that too. The desperation, the anger and the obsessiveness,  it’s like your are there walking hand in hand with the protagonist, in all his glory and there lack of. 

There were a lot of bad reviews about this film. Granted, it will always be compared to “The Dark Knight”, and the one thing that I would agree with the critics was that there were too many characters in the film, that I felt like they weren’t given enough screen time for them to be able to solidify their characters. But all in all it was great and if you manage to give look at it without being too biased, you’ll actually enjoy it, or love it even.  In my opinion, both films are equally good and has given me a satisfying performance and a run for my money.

And as always, Christopher Nolan, never fails me and this latest film of his was truly a form of art. What a great way to end an epic trilogy.

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