Dark. Light. Good. Bad. Right. Wrong.

I don’t really see the world as merely black and white. That there is a distinct line between right and wrong, or between good and bad. The way I see it? The lines are blurred and the world is full of gray and I have the same beliefs when it comes to people. I doubt that there is someone who’s never done anything wrong in their whole life. Right? There is no one like that. Much like I believe that not all those who’ve done wrong doesn’t have some good in them, even those who had committed mortal crimes. Yes, even if they may be convicted of something, there was a time that they’ve done good. It can be a small thing, but that still proves that deep inside, no matter how dark their personalities have become it’s still there. 

Now, as I believe that the bad had good, I also believe that no one is that good. Nobody is purely good. And because of this, I find myself doubting people who are always nice. I just feel like they’re hiding something. Maybe it’s just me and my twisted vision of the world but the more that someone seems perfect, good and polished, the more doubt creeps in my mind. That they are not showing who they really are. That I should always have my guard up because they have something up their sleeves, something weird and nasty and probably evil. Yeah, I know my paranoia always gets the best of me. But still! Expectations always fails everyone, and it’s better to accept the worst in everyone than be let down by it.

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